Mi2 – The Diva’s Challenge #80



I Am the Diva – I love this lady’s blog! She is a wife, and a mom of two very active little guys. She is a certified teacher for Zentangle, and she gives and gives from her heart to the Zentangle community. Laura, you are an inspiration to me! Thank you for all the work you do for us!

This week’s challenge was to use the pattern Mi2 – that’s the one you see waving across the bottom half of my tile above. Gotta say I wasn’t excited about this challenge. I’ve tried Mi2 before – those tiles are long since visiting the county dump. But, I stuck with it this time – I mean, Laura asked us so nicely – and the above pic is what I came up with. I am satisfied with the way Mi2 turned out, although I won’t be rushing myself to check it out again any time soon. Hahaha! Also included in the tile are pokeleaf, pokeroot, fescu, and beadlines. You can see everyone’s Mi2 offerings at Laura’s page here. You could even draw one yourself and show it us :). I would love to see it!

25 thoughts on “Mi2 – The Diva’s Challenge #80

  1. Your tile reminds me of a garden walk, complete with growing flowers. Mi2 is a pain for me too (no pun intended). But you have done a fantastic job!

  2. Ooo–I love this Alice! It feels rather swimmy! Nicely done with your Mi2 and I really love the color! Beautiful work!

    • thanks, dawn! i just realized today that you have a separate blog for tangles. i don't think i knew that.

  3. This is really beautiful! You dis a great job with Mi2.Annemarie Huijts

    • thanks, dilip, i appreciate your kind comment. i'm hoping you have good news to share with us soon about your dad 🙂

  4. Alice, I was just reading your comment on Becky's blog where you said your own Mi2 "looks painful" – well I'm here to tell you it certainly does not! It's fabulous! I love your composition, it looks to me like a cross-section through a village pond, with the poke-leaf and other plants poking through the water. Just lovely.

    • haha! thanks! that's funny – thank you for letting me know it's not as bad as i was thinking 🙂

  5. I love the sense of growth that you have encompassed in this & your circular design. The idea of Pokeroot one end leading to Pokeleaf at the other is quite brilliant. Thanks also for mentioning the Inspiration Avenue's Challenge – I'd not come across that before.Paula (PEP)

  6. Alice this is stunning. I obviously haven't a clue about Mi2 but I think you nailed it!There's obviously so much more to this than I ever imagined.Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy ;D

    • AND i got your comment 1st try 🙂 – looks like you got it straightened out – thanks for coming by – i appreciate you!

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