“What is steampunk?” you might ask

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Lately I’ve been a bit obsessed with steampunk. I’ve been collecting tangle patterns that would work with the genre, and drawing a couple tiles that I’ve posted. I’ve had a couple people message me to ask – what is steampunk?

One of the blogs I follow – Pop Art Minis – posted a definition today, and I am borrowing it to share here:


Joni at Pop Art Minis has a wonderful, unique style that I love! Her designs are always fresh, colorful, bright, exciting, and fun! I was so thrilled today when I opened her new post and saw this little girl!


Isn’t she adorable???  I did mention that Joni’s work was “colorful, bright!” Well, to see that for yourself – you are going to have to go to her blog – Pop Art Minis – and check out her completed, colorized steampunk mini! Join her site here, so you can keep up with her work! You will be glad you did!

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