Busy, Busy, Busy!


It’s been a busy past couple days! Our house got flooded during a big storm a couple weeks ago. Four inches flooded. We’ve been cleaning up, replacing carpet, and talking about furniture. We decided yesterday to get new living room furniture, but to make the set fit that we selected – required a bunch of work! We replaced the computer desk with my roll-top desk (my new office), which meant cleaning out 2 desks to move things around, and to find a new home for the computer desk. We also had to haul the old sofa to the dump and find a new home for Mark’s power chair. I forget now if we made three or four (maybe five – I think five) trips to the furniture store before we settled on everything. I am also combining all my scrapbook/art items into one room AND preparing for a homeschool used book sale tomorrow! I lost track of how much stuff we threw away, but I think I packed close to 20 boxes for the homeschool sale. Mark and I were awake until 4 AM last night! Whew! What a day or two it’s been!

So, you are getting a bit slighted on a post today. I put this cartoon on facebook this morning. All the kids and moms know I spend a large portion of the day on the computer. Editing pictures, posting pictures on two different blogs, posting and keeping up-to-date on facebook, checking Twitter, and cruising Pinterest. (And, yes, I do have a life :).) Actually, Pinterest is what got me interested in Zentangle and Art Journaling! Hahaha! You just never know :).

Hopefully some artsy stuff will be forthcoming from my new work area – very soon! Have a great weekend!

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