Zendala Dare #3 – Hot Chocolate!


Over at the Bright Owl, Erin is hosting a Zendala Dare each week. She provides us with the template, which we then tangle and post to her blog.

This is the template Erin gave us to work with this week. I started with the center and worked my way to the outer ring. Patterns I used were: crescent moon, weave, paradox, Msst, lokomotive, pearlz, and coral. This week’s template really challenged me. It kept reminding me of McDonald’s! and their french fries which I haven’t had in months! Hungry!!! So, I decided the cups looked more like cups of hot chocolate! Which I can have – on occasion!

Check out Erin’s blog here and see what everyone else has posted! Maybe you’d consider joining us in the Zendala Dare!

14 thoughts on “Zendala Dare #3 – Hot Chocolate!

  1. Great Zentangle….I did not know of this challenge…I am going to look into it…thanks for visiting my blog…

  2. Alice, everyone is seeing something in those "cups" but you are the first one to say they are hot chocolate. Awesome! Beautiful work.

  3. very creative and intricate Zendela,Alice! Another neat blog post! It sounds like you have lots of great inspiration from other blogs, too.Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on my "Blue & Gold".

  4. I really like the color. I am still intimidated by color in my tangling. This is really pretty, nice work!

  5. Great use of mssst. I was taught this tangle at my first workshop but have still not found a use for it in my designs. I also like the perfs round the perimeter, gives a nice finish.

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