Zendala Dare #2


Erin, over at The Bright Owl, is hosting a zendala dare for the second week. She provides the template for the basic shape of the mandala, and we provide the tangling. I used weave, pearlz, skein, and msst for my patterns and came up with this.
I’ve been wanting to add some color to my tangles, and decided now was the time to go for it. Even though I thought my micron was a permanent pen, I noticed that it will smear if the aqua markers touch it, so I need to be careful of that in the future.

Thanks, Erin, for offering the zendala dare again this week! Can’t wait to see the template you have for us next!

15 thoughts on “Zendala Dare #2

  1. I use UniPin markers and also Copic markers and both brands hold very well in contact with water or wet paints. Beautiful Zendala, by the way. Very nice use of color.

  2. Very nice Zendala. I so enjoy what you did with adding color – I'm still a bit timid with it. And thanks for your comments on my Diva challenge and framing I wasn't sure if it was just me or if it really helped the presentation. Glad to pass along the info on PicMonkey hope the students find it useful. Another one they might try is http://ipiccy.com/ similar interface and ease of use and a few other features like collage.

  3. Beautiful! I love the color. I have only added it a few times to my tiles, so I am still a little intimidated by it. Great job!

    • me, too, kathy! still intimidated by it – haha! just gotta keep adding the color till we are used to it – i think. thanks for leaving me a comment 🙂

  4. I like your use of colour. I am experimenting in that direction too. It adds a challenge. I have had no art training so I am learning the use of my pens and pencils by trial and error. Lots of fun.

    • i hear you , celia i haven't had any training, either. unless you count youtube – haha! thanks for the nice comments!

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