This little piggy



Meet my little piggies and my little birdies!
Before I show you close-ups and explain, let me say that I can not take credit for these ideas.
My favorite art-journalist is Lori at Elvie Studio. She provided the step-by-step in her post that you can find here. Check out her blog – there is plenty there to get excited about!

Let’s look at my little piggies first. I worked on watercolor paper and I basically just made 5 blobs of color on my page – I opted for yellow, and 2 different shades of pink. Just make blobs – they don’t have to resemble anything. One of my better purchases lately has been a heat gun, which I used to quickly dry the watercolor blobs. Then you use a pen and outline your blobs – making them into piggies. I added ears, snout, feet, and curly tails. Slop on some muddy brown color and blue sky and you’re all set.
Then I moved on to the little birdies. Same thing, make random blobs of color on your page.  I used a bit more color for these. Dry them, then use your pen to add beaks, eyes, legs, tail feathers, and wings if you want them. Add some ground – I added bird seed – some sky and then you’re done. I tried to tie my “farm” together with the colors and I love the verse that popped to mind, especially as far as the piggies in mud – “People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7

I hope you have enjoyed my little piggies and birdies. And I reiterate – I can not take credit for the idea. Please check out Elvie Studio at You will be glad that you did!

3 thoughts on “This little piggy

  1. hi alice! i think your little "paint blob critters" are adorable!! and i love the way you added the verse from 1 Samuel…'s one of my favorites! you are such a sweetheart for adding the link to my blog in your post…..thank you! i'm so happy you were inspired to create your own little barnyard!! xoxo

  2. Alice, your piggies and birdies are adorable. I love and follow Lori's blog too. She has such wonderful ideas/inspiration. I have to do this with my granddaughter one day. Thanks for sharing. Linda E.

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