Diva Challenge #67 – Amanda Day


In honor of Earth Day, or Amanda Day as so-dubbed by Chewie, the challenge this week is to use the prompt of the earth. Here is my zentangle-inspired take on it. The dragonfly I found on a pinterest board. It was a watercolor on fabric. I used a trick I learned on The Bright Owl to transfer the dragonfly outline onto my tile, and then tangled him. The outer border is a pattern called skein. I don’t recall where I learned to make this kind of wall. I used it once before, but I don’t recall if it’s a legit pattern? or something I just did. To add some color – I used At You Spica pens. You can visit the Diva’s page here and see everyone’s challenge pieces for the week! And maybe you would considering joining us in the Diva’s challenge. It isn’t too late!

18 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #67 – Amanda Day

  1. Love your tangle. I did my first challenge this week and my I am addicted. I haven't added color yet but I like the idea of just a cental portion being in color. Kind of like the old colorized photographs. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love the dragonfly! The whole piece is beautiful – a wonderful blend of rural and urban (the background "bricks" set up a great contrast!).

  3. Hi Alice, I love your wall pattern. i have never seen it before. Your idea of a dragonfly is wonderful. They are like little fairies flitting from lily pad to stalks of flowers!

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